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Blackjack Party Evolution Gaming
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Evolution Gaming, a prominent live casino provider, has rolled out a fantastic Blackjack Party game that is unique in many ways, and the most extraordinary feature is that the table is run by two dealers at the same time. They are talking, joking and entertaining the players who can send messages to the dealers, not necessarily on game-related topics, via an embedded chat window that can be resized, hidden or relocated to any part of the screen.

The video stream has an HD quality by default but it can be degraded automatically in case of a slow connection speed; alternatively, you can open the Settings menu and choose the video quality (Low, Medium, High or HD) that suits you best. Besides, you can switch to a full screen mode.

The minimum and maximum table limits are $5 and $1000; the limits for the Bet Behind wager are ten-fold lower ($0.5–$100).

Basic blackjack rules

Blackjack Party is a seven-seat game played with 8 card decks in the shoe. This blackjack game utilizes a classic set of rules with some minor variations; to see the rules you should click the “?” button when inside the game.

  • dealer stands on all 17’s;
  • splitting of initial equal-value cards is allowed. No option to hit for split Aces;
  • no doubling down is allowed after split;
  • a tie results in a push;
  • blackjack pays 3:2;
  • insurance is offered if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace;
  • no surrender option.

Bet Behind

Whether or not you are going to play your own cards, you can bet on the cards dealt to another player at the table, and you will share the results of that player’s hand. The payouts for the Bet Behind bet are the same as for a regular bet. This feature comes in handy when there are no available seats but nevertheless you intend to play at that table.

Side Bets

The game has two different side bets that can be placed optionally in addition to a regular bet. Side bets count independently; this means that you can, for example, bust but at the same time win on the side bet. The two side bets are:

  • Perfect Pair. You will win the side bet if your initial cards make a pair of any kind: two cards of the same suit (two Queens of Hearts), two same-colored cards of different suits (6 of Spades + 6 of Clubs), or a pair of different colors and suits (8 of Hearts + 8 of Spades). The highest payout for the side bet is 25:1.
  • 21+3. You will win if your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card create a combination that is similar to this used in poker, for example, Three of a Kind (three same-valued cards of different suits), Flush (three different cards of the same suit), etc. The highest payout on the 21+3 side bet is 100:1.


As opposed to other games where a player has to wait for his turn to make a betting decision, the Pre-Decision feature applied in Blackjack Party allows to Stand, Hit, Split or Double Down simultaneously with the first player at the table. A seated player who fails to choose a betting decision within the dedicated time will be considered to have selected the Stand option.

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