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Live Blackjack Microgaming
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The live dealer blackjack games developed by Microgaming are streamed from a professionally designed studio in Toronto, Canada. The video is delivered in a high-definition quality by default and players can choose among several options to customize the video settings; besides, the table is captured by a few web cameras enabling users to toggle between views.

There are two views you can select between. In the Game View, the live dealer is displayed in a small window, and the virtual table with simulated cards is shown in a close-up view. In the Casino View, you will see a large video feed window with the dealer. If you face some connection problems or whatever the reason is, you can turn off the video feed and leave the table only.

The Microgaming blackjack comes in a variety of table limits that are available for selection in the live casino lobby. Before opening any table, you can view brief info about each table, including the dealer’s last 5 hands and the current winnings streaks. Some games are run by beautiful and sexy dealers wearing Playboy bunny uniforms which definitely adds diversity to gaming.

The Add Table option is another useful feature that allows to open a new blackjack table or other live dealer game without closing the current one. By adding the table, you will play two or more games at a time, switching between them on a single click.

All settings are “hidden” in a hamburger button at the bottom left corner, so the video streaming window looks uncluttered, clear and spacious. The Microgaming blackjack games have a unique Autoplay feature that allows you to configure the conditions, under which the automatic betting must stop, and then have the game played without your involvement.

Basic blackjack rules

The blackjack games by Microgaming utilize the classic rules of blackjack that can be viewed in the HelpCenter menu (Settings button). The main rules are:

  • eight standard decks in the shoe;
  • blackjack pays 3:2 and insurance pays 2:1;
  • up to 7 players may sit at the table. However, the Bet Behind feature makes the potential number of users who can play at the table simultaneously virtually unlimited;
  • doubling down on the first two cards with a total value of 9, 10 or 11;
  • a single split on any pair is allowed with no double down after split;
  • the dealer must hit to 16 and stand on all 17’s;
  • a tie results in a push, including the blackjack tie;
  • no surrender is available.

The HelpCenter mentioned above has the Strategy Table section that will help you make a betting decision depending on your hand and the dealer’s hand. Overall, the blackjack games produced by Microgaming follow the traditional rules as for the card values, Hit/Stand rules and the object of the game.

Bet Behind

By placing a bet behind any seated player, you can participate in the game without taking a seat. The Bet Behind feature works simple: if the seated player you have wagered behind wins, so do you, and if the seated player busts, you lose your bet, too.

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