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Live Blackjack Extreme Gaming
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Live blackjack by Extreme Gaming is one of the best choices for live gaming, with the video streamed in real time from a London-based studio. The developer decided in favor of dedicated tables instead of a busy studio ambience with plenty of tables in the background, which provides a unique one-to-one interaction between you and the dealer. Mobile device users are welcome to join and place bets since the Extreme Gaming solutions are compatible with most handheld devices and mobile operating systems.

The video is captured by a single fixed-angle camera and is shown on a large screen. Clicking on the Video Quality button you can change between the High and Low quality; besides, switching to a full screen view is also available. If your Internet connection leaves much to be desired, you may try to turn video off by pressing the Video On/Video Off button which is another great option provided by Extreme Gaming. By deactivating the video stream, you will only see the table and the image of the cards dealt to you and other players but the dealer who is supposed to run the game will not be shown in the streamed video.

The user toolbar is located neatly at the bottom of the gaming screen and is very intuitive. There is a hideable chat box for communicating with the dealer and other players, the History window showing details of your recent games, the Flag button for changing the interface language, and some other user-friendly features that make your experience more comfortable.

At the top right corner, there is the game indicator that counts down the betting time between the rounds. Players normally have about 10-15 seconds to make a betting decision.

Basic blackjack rules

This blackjack game follows the classic rules that are also known as European blackjack rules. The object of the game is to have a higher card score than the dealer without going over 21. The card values are the same as other classic blackjack games, with Ace counting as 11 or 1; King, Queen and Jack counting as 10, and other cards counting at their nominal face values. The major rules applied in this blackjack game are:

  • blackjack pays 3:2;
  • doubling down is allowed on all initial cards;
  • only a single split is allowed;
  • player may split any initial pair of cards;
  • dealer must hit on 16 and stand on all 17’s;
  • insurance is offered as an option if the dealer’s first card is an Ace. Insurance pays out 2:1;
  • the dealer/player tie is a push, including the blackjack tie which is also a push.

Table limits vary depending on the selected blackjack table. Normally, the minimum limit is $1 or $5, while the maximum limit reaches into thousands of dollars.

Bet Behind

You may bet behind any seated player by clicking on the Bet Behind spot on the particular seat that you wish to use. If the player you bet behind wins the round, you will receive a payout in accordance with the regular rules. Clicking the Bet Behind button in the bottom toolbar you can choose your preferred action when the seated player opts to double, split or take insurance.

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