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Visionary iGaming, also known as ViG, is not a key trendsetter in the online casino industry but their live dealer solutions are nevertheless of interest to some live casino fans. The developer, in particular, has presented an out-of-the-ordinary live blackjack to be reviewed below. This game is positioned as an American variant of blackjack; besides, it features two optional side bets that add diversity to the game and enhance winning opportunities for the players.

The game is broadcast in real-time mode from a studio by using a single webcam that delivers a fairly good quality of the video feed. Regretfully, the software lacks video adjustment settings that are usually offered by other game providers. In the ViG live blackjack, you may only turn off the video stream, without being able to lower down or improve the video quality. Another con to this game is that it lacks history and stats making it a more challenging task to keep track of the gaming process. However, these drawbacks naturally result in a simpler interface, which allows players to play faster and focus their attention on what’s important in the game.

There is a standard chat box that acts as a means of communication between you and the dealer. The box is fixed to the right of the stream window and cannot be hidden or somehow replaced from its position.

Before the game is loaded completely, you are asked to choose which of the three tables you wish to join: a low-limit ($5–$500), a standard ($10–$1000) or a high-limit ($25–$2500) table. All, as you might guess, feature the same functionalities but differ in the minimum and maximum limits only.

Basic blackjack rules

This live blackjack from ViG is a multiplayer seven-seat American variant played with 6 standard decks. The object of the game is the same as in all blackjack games: your hand should score higher than the dealer’s hand, without going bust, ie exceeding 21. The basic rules applied in the game are:

  • blackjack pays 3:2;
  • dealer stands on hard 17’s but hits on soft 17’s;
  • dealer has a hole card, meaning that the dealer receives two cards at once, and one of them is a face-down card. In case the up card is an Ace, the dealer peeks on the face-down card for blackjack;
  • player may double down on any two initial cards;
  • players may split only once and double down after split;
  • any dealer/player tie hand is a push.

The player’s failure to respond within the pre-set betting time counts as the Stand in most blackjack games. In this game, however, the software completes the player’s hand automatically according to the Basic Strategy if the player does not make a betting decision within the allotted time.

You may also bet behind other players, even if there are vacant seats at the table. In the ViG live blackjack, this feature is called Back Betting.

Side bets

There are two side bets that can be placed optionally in addition to the regular bet. The Pair side bet wins and pays out 11 to 1 if your first two cards are of the same rank, for example, Queen of Spades + Queen of Hearts. The suit and color of the two cards may not necessarily match to win.

Another side bet called the Rummy side bet wins if your first two cards plus the dealer’s face-up card are of the same suit (10S+8S+AS), or of the same rank (10S+10D+10H), or of consecutive values (8H+9D+10H). If you get any of the mentioned, the payout will make up 9 to 1.

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