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Live Blackjack Evolution Gaming
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The live blackjack developed by Evolution Gaming, a globally renowned provider of live casino solutions, is a seven-seat game based on classic blackjack rules. Streamed live from a professional studio in Latvia, the game is run by experienced dealers. Due to advanced streaming technologies, the video is captured and broadcasted in an HD-quality directly to your device but you can lower down the video quality in the Settings tab, if needed.

The gaming screen that shows the dealer and the table looks neat and uncluttered since all options and settings are placed inside the button panel at the top right corner. There is a chat window for sending messages to the dealer and other players, which can be dragged to any part of the screen or hidden from view. In the Settings tab you can adjust general settings, video/audio settings and choose how the software must act when betting behind other players. By clicking the History button, you can view all of your gaming sessions, your bets and Win/Lose stats.

The user interface occupies very little space on the live gaming area without compromising the performance and availability of key features. The live blackjack from Evolution Gaming is also great and convenient to play on smaller screens of a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Basic blackjack rules

Played with eight standard 52-card decks, the game follows a classic European set of blackjack rules:

  • dealer stands on all 17’s;
  • blackjack pays 3:2;
  • if the dealer and the player have the hands of equal value, this is considered to be a push;
  • player may double down on any two initial cards;
  • player may split any pair of initial cards with no option to double down after split;
  • an insurance is offered if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. The insurance is paid traditionally, 2 to 1.

The game objective and the card values are the same as in other classic blackjack variants.

Bet Behind

This blackjack game features a Bet Behind wager allowing any player, whether seated or not, to bet behind another seated player. By ticking or unticking respective options in the Settings menu, you may adjust in advance whether to double down your bet if the main player you have bet behind decides to split or double down. Anyway, you will share the results of the player’s hand; to put in a nutshell, if he busts, you lose, and if he wins, so do you.

Side bets

The two side bets offered in this blackjack game broaden your betting and winning opportunities. To place any side bet, you should click on the corresponding spot at the seat marked by your nickname. The side bets are won independently of whether or not your main bet is won.

The Perfect Pair side bet pays out 25:1, 12:1 or 6:1 if your first initial cards comprise any of the three kinds of pair:

  • a pair of the same suit and color;
  • a pair of the same suit and different colors;
  • and pair of different suits and colors.

The 21+3 side bet pays out 100:1, 40:1, 30:1, 10:1 or 5:1 if your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card create a combination that is similar to one used in poker games: Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, etc.

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